Our Work

Cookies & Conversations Case Study

Cookies & Conversations is your favorite, taste-like home bakery for all your cookie and conversation needs.

PLEXX Electric Case Study

A community-based contract group looking to elevate your everyday lived experience through automation, renewable energy, and more.

Nekid Nursery Case Study

A organic based apothecary taking a intimate and creative approach to how they see and use wellness related products from beauty to food. Nekid Nursery’s branding is resonant with the bold nature of being sultry yet sweet in approach.

Grown Think N’ Ready Case Study

Grown Thick N’ Ready is an inspiration to those looking to get started with their fitness journey and to be a catalyst for those to continue pursuing their health goals.

Brown Girl Project Case Study

An exploratory project for A Brown Girl Project to envision new ideas and ways of curating space.

Dating Versus Hooking Up Case Study

This project assisted author Marquece Holifield with the process of creating an exploratory journal and forum to discuss the perils of dating. While creating space for the reader to reflect, explore, and elaborate on their own personal dating journies

Bryson Studios Commercial Case Study

Following the societal changes of Covid 19 and the insurmountable racial tensions after the killing of George Floyd, the city of Minnesota, more specifically the NBL team, The Minnesota Twins, have chosen to rebrand to be more inclusive of the vast culture that supports the city, the community, and the game of baseball.

Silverroom Case Study

A Chicago staple, The Silver Room, having made waves summer after summer, took a much-needed hiatus to rebrand, rebuild, and come back better.

Reel Reverb Case Study

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The Rooted Creative is an experience
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