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Dating Versus Hooking Up

Season | Winter 2021

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After a highly anticipated launch, author and relationship coach Marquece Holifield has created an exploratory journal and forum to discuss the perils of dating. While creating space for the reader to reflect, explore, and elaborate on their own personal dating journies. This book is comprised of approx 12 anthologies along with journal questions. This short read is impactful and challenging.

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Book Sinopis | Dating Versus Hooking Up

What makes or breaks having a solid foundation in a relationship? You!
In the quest of dating versus hooking up, one can be perplexed by exploring being in a relationship with another person; however, in most cases, they may not have given much thought to the relationship they have with themselves.

In this journey and journal, you will be challenged to explore the complex experience of what lies beneath choosing to date versus hooking up, leading you to question whether the “freedom” of hooking up is worth the constant ebb flow of limited intimacy. Or is the definitive nature of exclusively dating too demanding?

Forward | Dating Versus Hooking Up

Relationships are an ever-evolving dynamic of interactions that we have throughout our lives. From familial to romantic relationships, we as people are ever-changing and growing out of choice or experience. We choose what, when, where, and with whom we have such experience. Yet, in the journey of dating versus hooking up, we assume we are choosing only one relationship. However, we are choosing a combination of the three.

Our relationship with ourselves, our partners’ relationship with themselves, and the relationship we choose to create with each other. A complex relationship that acknowledges who we are as individuals and the pursuit to create something abundant from the experience and tenets we have learned along the way.

The journey of dating versus hooking up seemingly requires us to ask redundant questions about who we are, what we like to do, etc. In reality, it’s asking us who we are. What are our needs? When we choose to share space with someone, are we honoring ourselves while choosing to be in a relationship with them?

Choosing to date versus hooking up is a unique experience. While complex, it forces us to reflect on who we are and the things we allow ourselves to experience, whether to our detriment or benefit. Leaving us to ask ourselves, is love being served here? If not, we must ask ourselves why we are accepting less.

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