Bright Endeavors: Empowering Young Moms

Lighting a path to a new future

Daily women are redefining what it means to be a mother and what motherhood can be. Although it has its beautiful moments some mothers struggle to find their footing as they try to adjust their career, lifestyle, and their tiny human. In some cases, women aren’t able to start and or keep a job while they are pregnant because of companies’ precautions or their unwillingness to comply with the needs of a pregnant woman or new mom. And you can best believe that the pay is not equivalent or even sustainable.

However, companies like Bright Endeavors are looking to shine a light on an alternative path that helps new moms and keep them progressing within their careers. Bright Endeavors is providing job security and competitive pay to new moms through the creation of their candles. Each candle is handcrafted by new moms and 100% of proceeds go to continue the mission ‘to empower new young moms, their kids, and our communities. In doing so they provide transitional jobs and professional skills training that these moms can use as they progress into other career fields. 

They say there is beauty in community and I for one am here for it. Often time we only think about the health and or standard of care of the child without thinking about the mother. Forgetting that the success of the mother is the success of the child, both mentally and physically. In this case, the beauty isn’t just in the candle but it the purpose behind it. I for one am a candle love because sweet warm aromas help me get into a steady work mode. I believe these candles will be a great addition to my collection because the intention of these candles is enough on their own.

These handcrafted candles come in an array of scents; warm, citrus, and floral. Each is made in Chicago and made with soy wax & phthalate-free fragrance. The candles come in three different sizes, 4 oz, 8oz, and approximately 12 oz sizes. One of the best features of the Bright Endeavors Candle is that they are a slow burn candle easily giving you 24 hours or longer of burn time per candle.

 About Section:

Home. It’s the soft glow of your fireplace on a winter night. The gentle warmth emanating from the oven as your favorite cookies bake. The lingering aroma of your mom’s perfume after a big hug. It’s comfort, contentment, safety, and security. At Bright Endeavors, we craft candles that ground you in those feelings and wrap you in the comfort of home.

But our candles do something else, too: Artfully hand-poured by the young moms in our paid job training program, each Bright Endeavors candle lights the way toward strong families and bright futures. By providing transitional jobs and professional skills training, we champion these moms as they build a life full of empowerment and possibility. Through their own hard work and with your support, these incredible moms create strong and loving homes where their families can make a lifetime of memories.

Shop our candles where 100% of proceeds support our mission to empower young moms, their kids, and our communities.

Word on the Street:

“Bright Endeavors gives me the chance to grow into someone my kids will be proud of. My mindset has changed dramatically.”
         – Taeya M., Production Assistant
“Just stick with it, 4 months goes by fast! I was promoted to a Team Lead where I supervised other Production Assistants. This has been my greatest success and challenge while working here!”
         – Tetisha
“I want people to know that the candles are very special because they are made by hard-working moms.”
          – Zuleima
“I learned how to be a better mother and keep my job.”
          – Briana


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