Kaike By the Pound!


Minimal and beauty usually never go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the number of products to use whether it is for hair or skincare. Simply because our skin and hair aren’t one size fits all. Our skin and hair need nutrients that encourage cell turnover and moisture. This is usually be best achieved through natural products, such as natural butter, oils, and aloe. With more and more brands taking health and natural products into consideration more than ever are we are getting an array of clean products. Luckily we have Kaike, “a fun, plant-based skincare brand” that values healthy skin and understands the importance of having multiuse products. Because as we know, health is always abundant when moisture is present. Kaike has just the products that will keep your hair and skin flourishing.

Each product in Kaike’s arsenal is plant-based and contains ethically sourced ingredients. From oil cleansers and multi-use body butter, Kaike is allowing you to celebrate yourself in the most minimal of ways through self-care. In reality, we all want to have our Kaike and eat it too, when we are pampering ourselves. That’s why their ‘Frosting’ is just what you need. It doubles as a moisturizing twist-out cream and body butter. Giving you one and done vibes, yet there is no flaking and silicones that give you that false sense of soft like other types of hair or body butter. This product’s only ingredients are:
mango butter, *coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, candelilla wax, *arrowroot powder, and vanilla oleoresin. 

    Now my only concern for this product being that it is a multi-use butter, is how long will it last? As a 4B – 4C natural my hair sucks up moisture like its a sport. However, the specs of the product suggest that it should last up to six months depending on use. Now realistically speaking for an eight (8) oz jar being used for my hair that would last between three and four months if I am using it as a staple styler. In my opinion, that is a pretty good length of time and you can’t beat the fact that it contains all-natural ingredients and is preservative-free.

    About Section:
    You can have your KAIKE and eat it too! Well, your skin can. Same thing, right?

    Founded in 2015 by Keli Smith, KAIKE (pronounced ‘cake’), is a fun, plant-based skincare brand with a belief in celebrating our skin.

    Born from the idea that less is more, we create minimal + multi-purpose products to solve a variety of skincare issues specific to melanated skin. We believe in celebrating our skin as it is now, and having fun on the journey to something even better.

    We get all giddy inside for healthy, nourished skin, and a skincare routine that’s as easy as a piece of cake. Just like the decadence and happiness found in enjoying actual cake, we’re sweet on products with an ingredients list that reads like a delicious recipe good enough for your skin to eat. Cake is usually found at the center of every celebration, and what better way to cultivate and celebrate healthy skin than with a #pieceofkaike?

    Word on the Street:

    “Great product. Refreshing and works well for my sensitive skin. It is moisturizing, but doesn’t clog pores.”
    Haliamh A.

    “Skin felt really soft after using it. Like that, I can mix with my cleanser to exfoliate.
    Anfernee V.

    “I’ve never used oil cleansers except for the coconut oil days in high school. While I can’t compare this to other oil cleansers, I can say I definitely won’t be looking elsewhere when I need to re-purchase. It does what I want (moisturize + remove makeup) at a great price and without weird ingredients, and I love that I know who I’m supporting when I buy it.”
    Elizabeth S.

    “I have extremely sensitive combination skin and just about every product I try causes an unpleasant reaction. Using this product has been wonderful and I look forward to it daily because it smells so good and glides on my skin seamlessly, not to mention my skin feels amazingly clean afterwards … this one is a keeper!”
    Abigail W.

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