rEDEFINING hEALTH with Daily Harvest

A Plant-based meal prep option

Jumping into another year can all seem the same but let’s make jumping into a new year bigger and better. 2020 for most may be the first steps to new beginnings, new diets and hopefully new habits. Although dieting and the precise assortments of food may be helpful the key to health with always be nutrient-rich food. ‘Nutrient-rich food’ just sounds complicated and overwhelming. Yet this year we have OPTIONS!

In my search for easy and obtainable options, I found Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest is a meal delivery system that provides plant-based options that factor in wellness and all else aside – smoothies. Personally, i live for a good smoothie but I’m not always able to fit them into my diet. For starters, I am always thinking about what fruits pair well together? Can I add protein? If so, how? I am not a recipe girl, I’m just a ‘keep adding till it tastes right’ type. Truthfully i get it by default i have never seen my mother or grandmother look or even adhere to a recipe all these years. So you can imagine the frustration of trying to get the right nutrients with good taste. But thankfully Daily Harvest takes the chaos out of the cooking. They prepackage ready-made meals and smoothies that adds a bit of sparkle to your diet.

This can definitely come in handy when you are looking to meal prep throughout the day. It’s always the in-between meals that seem to cause the most headache. But thankfully they have an array of harvest bowls and oat bowls that give you just the kick you need to keep your day going. Each meal is light and hearty to keep you moving and malleable enough to add in meats and spices. However one of the best features of the Daily Harvest meal service is that they come with precise ingredients break down that illustrates how they will be processed throughout the body. Making it easy to identify what meals are great for pre or post workouts.

Overall i say it’s a win-win situation. Stayin on my diet with preplanned meals has never been easier. And the best part of it all is that it is all vegetables and fruits so i can eat it all!

About Section:

At Daily Harvest, we believe that living good starts with good food. It feeds us physically, mentally and emotionally. Recognizing the challenges people face today, we have taken the care to design good food around the speed at which we live. We are meticulous about the food we choose, where the food comes from, and how we guarantee the freshest nutrients stay locked in for you.

We take care of food, so that food can take care of you, so that you can be at your best, always.

From the ground up, we partner with farmers who don’t settle for anything less than the sweetest, heartiest, most nourishing fruits and vegetables. Then we freeze everything within hours of harvest to lock in the nourishing goodness of peak season ripeness. Our in-house chefs and nutritionists craft recipes that are both delicious and bring a little something extra to the table. All delivered to your door and ready to enjoy in minutes.

Word on the Street:

My first harvest bowl and it was excellent! Added a fish filet and some garbanzo beans. Feeling plenty full/satisfied to make it to dinner but not too full – just perfect. Off to a good start!
Leah M.

I love this bowl! It serves as a great lunch or dinner and it’s easy to dump some extra veggies into. It has a great taste with the perfect amount of pesto accompanied by the tang of the sundried tomatoes. I usually add some more veggies since there’s plenty of flavor to stretch out.
Margret M.

This blend is a new favorite of mine. I anticipated the flavor to be a bit tart given the ingredients, so I used coconut water and some pressed cherry juice and half a banana to cut the tart flavors. So good! I was a little worried about the fig blending in, but is a great compliment to the other flavors!
Nancy M.
I tried it with plain water and didn’t enjoy it much. The next time I did half water and half pomegranate juice, and it was delicious! Tasted like a Jamba Juice smoothie.
Deleena N


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