New Year, New Me?

Reflections and new intentions for a new year

Ima’ let you finish but 2019 was a HARD year!… a beautiful disaster of sorts. Coming out of 2018 I knew I was in a period of transition and my intentions were set on allowing space for love of self, growth, and embracing who I was a person. Although I didn’t realize it then, i was doing and continuing to travel in uncharted waters. Only my intentions kept me afloat. 

The end of the decade tested me in so many unexpected ways. The best way to summarize it would be – growing pains. It made me look at myself outside of the lense that I usually see myself. It made me question who I am, and what about being who I am needed to change. That in itself was tough, causing me to identify both negative and positive traits that I possess. But more importantly, it made me fall in love with who I am and the reasons that make me unique. 


“2019 I expect to continue to strive for health in all aspects of my life mentally, emotionally, physically.”

Although hard i am more than sure it was necessary. 2019 was out here handing out Life Lessons that i am sure my stubbornness and I had no other way of learning. Even with the jolts of change and the unpacking of masked emotions I am happy 2019 encompassed all that it did. It forced me to heal, and grow in ways that I never thought were necessary. It expanded the sightline of my vision opening up the best door of opportunities that is and will be 2020. With the greatest sigh, 2019 whooped my ass… it had uppercuts and right hooks that almost took me out. However, in hindsight, I was shedding a version of myself that would allow me to be greater than before.  

This year I intend on being the best version, the most creative version, and a loving version of myself. My intentions may be obvious and expected but I have been growing to get to a place where I value myself as much as I value other people and shared relationships. If not more. 


My intentions for 2020: 

  • Love you more than other people in every situation 
  • Find three solutions to every problem 
  • Say what’s on your heart 
  • Love others from a distance – you aren’t superwoman 
  • Put in more effort than what you are used too 
  • Find a way to help women and girls – become a big sister? 
  • Be the model you would want to follow – kind, loving, caring and mailable 
  • Be open to change 


I look forward to embracing this new chapter of my life and I excitedly await all the fruits that I will bare from the seed I planted in 2019. 


I hope the same is for you as well. Let me know what you are looking forward to or changing in this new decade of your life. 

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