The Real World is arguably one of the longest-running reality tv shows to date, given its start in 1992. The Real World that many of us know has followed the lives of many different people as they navigate relationships, politics, prejudice, religion, abortion, illness, sexuality, AIDS, death, and even substance abuse. However its mostly known for its explosive fights, drunken binges and irresponsible behavior. Since its conception, many have followed the series through its 32 seasons, yet the last we heard of The Real World ( aka Real World) was back in 2017 with is premiered season of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. 

Fast forward to 2019, and it’s back, looking to make new waves as a means to revamp the series. The series that still calls MTV home has moved its syndication efforts to Facebook Watch. As you may know, Facebook Watch has become home to other series and “podcast-like” shows that allows viewers to interact through like and comments whether it is live or streaming playbacks. Series such as The Red Table Talk, Huda BOSS, Humans of New York, Will Smith’s Bucketlist and more currently call Facebook Watch home as well as rake in over a million views per episode. 

Yet, with promising placement and active engagement, what is the point in revamping a show with the same “stale” plot and theme? Watching people get drunk and fight is watchable but it’s typical and repetitive especially for the producers of The Real World. So how would this revamp be any different than the previous 32 seasons? 

GET REAL! The Real World literally had to get real, besides watching the lives of the people that are living together and their petty drama. Reintroducing real life into the cast seems to have been their best. Tackling politics, inclusion and even racism of the day has all but short of put the show on its head. Especially when coming back with a season of The Real World that actually represents the world. Season 33 premiered with three different casts in  Atlanta, Bangkok, and Mexico. Aside from syndicating on Facebook, users were able to pick each city’s cast through a facebook poll. Contestants with the most votes were cast for this season. 

Real World: Atlanta seemed to take off at the door or should I say the sidewalk. Housemate Aryel, both an aspiring nurse and DACA recipient, is immediately under attack as Dondre probes about her citizenship status. My first thoughts were how is that any of your business? What are you going to do with that information? Are you going to deport her yourself? It was an obvious attack which i thought was interesting due to his obvious plight of being both a black and gay male – in America. But hold that thought . . .  

The episode continues with the castmates arrival to their new home. As they get settled with a flow of introductions Dondre asks Justin, “How do you feel about that Kolin Capernick stuff?  Him trying to promote [it] at work?” Now i understood Justin’s response and complied with it but Clint’s take on the conversation made me pause. Not because he ran away from the question or even that he feels that he will be attacked for an improper response. Rather the fact that i was interested in him candidly stating that he is unknowledgeable on the topic made me wonder if he would be open and interested in joining the conversation. Personally, I think the conversation is valid and should allow room for non-minorities to take a position on such issues. Especially if they express that they are uneducated on racial/political issues yet remain open to the conversation of different ideas and worldviews.

I am curious to see how this season unfolds and if it gets any more real. I wonder will Dondre find a difference of opinions on immigration? How will the cast navigate racism and gender equality? Will you be tuned in? A new episode premiers every Thursday at 9 pm on Facebook Watch.


Facebook  Comments 

“I’m pretty sure I like this approach to the Real World. It feels more engaged and doesn’t require all that much time. We don’t have to deal with commercials. I like this cast. They seem to gel with each other for now but they also seem like they’re going to have their differences which is what I’m looking for in The Real World. Getting a different viewpoint on things is what I’m all about.” 

  • Donovan S

“Ooooohhhhh hunny this season is about to be a little too real for some people. If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen….hell the whole house 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏” 

  • Media Meighan

“Hmmm, how can this black conservative be so ignorant toward a Dreamer? Little does he know that some white people don’t even consider him a citizen of America. The editing is all over the place if you ask me, like they are attempting to stir up some emotions on race relations. I hope the farmer boy lasts lol.”

  • WJ