We are officially in the SKIN Season. From head to toe, the thing to be flawless in is your skin. Now just like my care for hair i really value naturally glowing skin. Now i am no stranger to a low effort skincare routine, especially in my teens. I simply used Neutrogena’s oil free face wash and some Jergens body lotion and called it a day. It’s honestly comical thinking about it now because my skin really did reach the point of – ENOUGH.

I have spent the last year looking for products that really make my skin glow to its best of abilities. Specifically, those that are if not medicinal, have natural ingredients, light consistency, and are effective. That’s how i stumbled upon Palmero Body, a natural skincare brand based out of Brooklyn, New York.  Palermo Body has an array of products from skin, body face and even aromatherapy.

However natural, not every natural ingredient makes sense to have in a product. Natural isn’t always easy and i can really appreciate the ingredient break down and benefit for each of their products. It takes the confusion out of finding products for your specific needs.  They even provide their customers with The Supercritical blog, it contains any and everything product related to the tips and tricks for the best uses.

Their care for their customers is really not amiss within their products or even the community they serve. Aside from using naturally sourced ingredients, Palermo finds value in supporting the community of businesses that surround them. Valuing female business owners and the practice of mindfulness, Palermo has created a community shop that provides a combination of products that adhere to both self-care and restorative energy. The showcase and inclusivity of other female-owned brands is something that is rare but a true value to value to have when women are embracing and lifting up other women.   I found Palmero to be a breath of fresh air in the array of beauty products that circulate me on a daily.

About Section:

The philosophy behind Palermo Body began with Jessica’s Nonna Vincenza. She lived her entire life based on the foundation of natural holistic living while ingraining this value and tradition on Jessica. She taught Jessica the importance of cooking with the freshest ingredients, how to garden, and how to use natural remedies for bumps, burns, and beauty.  

Years later, Jessica began creating products inspired by her Nonna; each product would be truly natural without exception. It only seemed fitting to tribute the business to her Nonna by naming it Palermo Body, after the city where her grandmother was born.

Palermo Body is the culmination of all things Jessica lives and loves. From creating unique formulas, beautifully designed packaging, to being environmentally conscious of where ingredients are scoured. Palermo Body celebrates the vibrancy, color, and purity in the life around us.

Word on the Steet:


Okay here’s the thing, the only herbal blend I was familiar with went in my tea and little did I know that it could do wonders for your skin. If you have little time(or money) to go to a spa-like me then consider this a small investment for your overall well-being. Not only is it absolutely stunning in person but the aroma makes me wish I could forever have the scent surrounding me.

  • The Beaute


Wonderful mask. The kind of product you wonder if you should stockpile because you never want to find it taken off the market. I love the ritual in using masks but my skin is too sensitive for most of them. Have zero issues with this one; indeed it seems to diminish my spider vein rosacea. Great product!

  • Melissa


Re-ordered this 3x already! My skin is on the dryer side so, in the winter, I use this once a day on my face in the morning. I always apply this on my body after I take a long shower so my skin absorbs all the goodness from the oil. The bergamot scent just reminds me of a cup of earl grey tea! I also ordered a body kit and pop the smaller size in my bag so I can travel with it easily.

  • Karen


I love Palmero products, which I stumbled on by chance while visiting a local spa. This combo is a nice way to get acquainted with them, though I wish instructions on how to use/mix the mask had been included. Also, be forewarned that the serum size is very small. You will fall in love with both its smell and the way it helps your skin, so be prepared to order more almost immediately.

  • Joanne

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