Summer is well on its way. The days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. So you know POP – OUT season is among us. It’s time for you to put your best self out there and dust off the cold and dreary winter days. Now you all know that summer is the season for exotic nail flair. So why not start the season off with one of the best summer nail trends.

Recently I discovered The Nailest, a press on nail company.  These press-on nails are next level with the combination of easy application as well as salon quality design. The nails bridge the gap between stylish and versatility.  It completely takes all the hassle out of the “What I Asked For vs. What I Got” nail experience. You can get some of your favorite designs from the Nailest, especially the ombre neon nails that are currently on trend.

Now one of my biggest questions about the nail surrounded the size. If you have ever tried press-ons then you may know that all press-ons do not fit all. I, in particular, have a large nail bed, meaning that the width of my nail is larger than the standard size false nails.  Due to that i never really purchased false nails. So when i stumbled into The Nailest it was nice to see they took size into consideration. They offer four nail sizes ranging from XS-XL. They also provide a sizing cheat sheet for customers to correctly identify their size. If in the case their nail size is unique to the sizes proved, they will take custom measurements. For me, they seem like the perfect go-to nail shop, without the shop.

About Section:

The Nailest began as a simple talk between two friends Chen and Chris (AKA C&C). Chen’s amazing talent as a Nail Artist and Chris’s business passion have been strong fuel of The Nailest. Their partnership is so effortless and compliments each other that even the name Nailest was decided within 5 mins of their conversation!

C&C are passionate about creating new nail designs and searching of the next new nail trends. They truly enjoy serving their clients with the top notch quality nail products and best of best customer service.

If you haven’t tried the press-on nails, give it a shot! It’s beautiful, durable and reusable nails at a fraction of salon prices.

Word on the Street:

“Absolutely exceptional service – I had a small mix-up with my order and it was taken care of immediately and professionally. The nails themselves are fantastic and great quality. I look forward to purchasing more – so many to choose from!”

  • Dina

“Great nails! The quality appears much better than French manicured nails I’ve purchased in the past. These also came with shop owner instructions for best application. This is appreciated! Will definitely be watching this store for more beautiful things!”

  • Annette

“Love my nails .. got so many compliments on my nails .. great quality.”

  • Asia F.

“I’ve ordered from CC so many times and I don’t review much, though I should..the nails are always epic and such amazing quality. Trust me the quality is above any other I’ve purchased from. I’m spoiled now and I can’t recommend enough! This Egyptian set is amazing- I can’t even describe how beautiful they are!!”

  • Lisa D.

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