The eve of Mother’s Day is among us and like most some may be scrambling to find the perfect gift of appreciation for their mothers. While we may be swamped in the array of floral arrangements and cards, National Bail Out Collective is bailing out black mother this Mother’s Day. This year is the third year of the National Bail Out for black mothers. Having previously bailed out 200 community members under the National Bail Out mission it is a noble achievement that is being continued.

However noble, people are still asking WHY? Why Black mamas, specifically. National Bail Out is a collective focused on working against and “ending systems of mass incarceration and support[ing] our communities.” Mamas Day Bail Out is a national campaign that is run specifically on mother’s day for mothers that have not and can not afford to post bail. Some if not most of these mothers and or caregivers are the centerfold of their families. With the lack of bail, mothers are subjected to pre-trial imprisonment which in some cases can be crippling if there is a long-awaited trial date.

Alongside Mamas Day Bail Out, NBO  also “provides fellowship and employment opportunities for those [they] bail out in order to support their growth and create a national community of leaders who have experienced incarceration.”


Their reasoning behind such an initiative is to “get our people free through bail outs, advocacy, and leadership development. We believe that pretrial reform must be lead by communities most impacted and not by institutional actors or corporate interests, who are entrenched and benefit from the current system. Our communities are the real experts and are best equipped to name the problems and mold the solutions. We work to make sure our people are out of cages and have the tools and resources they need to advocate for themselves!”

It’s a true community effort that shouldn’t unnoticed. There is a substantial number of beloved mothers that are currently imprisoned awaiting for trial. Regardless of the offense, those mothers are a necessary entity for the development and sustainability of each of their families. Mamas Day Bail Out is just one step to assisting mother as they navigate trial with their best interest in mind. Be sure to look more into the National Bail Out Collective, as their community work is making a difference for women and families everywhere.