The long-awaited Met Gala has once again marked the fashion scene with this year’s star-studded event. Where art meets fashion, this year’s Met Gala was themed after the current exhibit Camp: Notes on Fashion. Camp is the notorious and vibrant lifestyle and over the top culture that originated with black drag queens. But what really isn’t invented by such a vivacious culture. They ‘gave us life’, pushed boundaries, all while ‘slay’ing us all. At this year’s gala just like the drag queens that invented Camp, came to conquer. With all the noted camp look, these looks WON Camp!

Billy Porter

Billy Porter literally snatches souls and can werk the h*ll out of pretty much anything. Yet, this Camp look and entrance was aw-worthy. Channeling inspiration from  Diana Ross’s 1975 film Mohagny, with the themed Egyptian winged bodysuit. An entrance for a king followed by THE Pose. Stepping out in a strut all his own donned in sequence and Preciosa crystals. It was, in my opinion, the best dressed of the night.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry known for her fun and edgy persona took over the top to this year’s Camp theme. Dressed by Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott. Perry donned a sequence gown accompanied with a lit chandelier. A statement that she IS the centerpiece of this years gala. Such a fun and creative look that left so many questioning how. Yet, it’s impossible to deny that her take on camp to be party focused, lively and elegant.

Janelle Monáe


This was a LEWK! Monáe wore “a custom Christian Siriano dress—a balloon-hipped confection with a motorized blinking eye over one breast (a twist of gadgetry supplied by Smooth Technology)(Vanity Fair).” Such a combination of her personal suit style and design. This look literally took me out out body. Must we note the blinking eye?! The hats! She did that!

As we wait for another fashion season and Met Gala to unfold these looks have set the bar on all things camp for years to come. Tell me your favorite looks for this year’s Met Gala in the comments below.