The best rainy day finds reveal themselves in the reflections of the puddles.

Escaping the untimely rain with a piqued interested, my friends and I stumbled into Hazel.  A two-store boutique and gift shop located in Chicago. Almost like a hidden gem that concealed some of the best and environmentally safe fashion finds. Having a surplus of must-have designs that embody timelessness while being up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Really its a sweet combination of fit and flair items that consist of all the season must-haves. From dresses to accessories all the products are well aligned and styled accordingly. One of the best parts about my experience at Hazel was the in house retailers, specifically Marissa. Beyond being helpful, she explained the uniqueness of the featured items on display.

Outlining that some of the brands in the store host a specific collection that is only available at Hazel. It’s a very unique boutique that has a little something special for everyone that finds their way inside. Personally, I loved their linin assembles that paired nicely with their customizable leather belts. Specifically, their cut loose parachute dress. It is the perfect everyday dress and if so soft its unbelievable. Being a leather enthusiast, I’m here to tell you leather is always in style. Although, I was super surprised by the number of unique items that were available in gifts. Aside from the regular cards and pens, they have varying collections for those that are found of therapeutic scents, or even the fashionable hipster with the unique earring and lapel pins to make your fashion a statement.

If you find yourself in Hazel, tell me what your favorite finds are!

About Section:

Located in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, Hazel stocks a well-edited selection of men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, accessories, greeting cards, stationery, housewares, and fresh flowers.

With an emphasis on exceptional design, modern & classic merchandise share shelf space to create a shopping environment that is, at the same time, familiar and fresh.

Word on the Street:

Marissa and Morgan helped me find some awesome one of a kind pieces from some of their designs from Greece. I had been looking for a dress to wear to a wedding for weeks and was thrilled to find THE dress here.

Thanks again, Hazel!

  • Tristian M.

Super cute clothes, not too bad prices, really friendly owner/shop girl… might not be an everyday shopping spot for me, but once in a while, it’s nice to splash out on a fancy dress. Which I did yesterday. And, I am happily flouncing around my neighborhood in it today. So if you see an almost middle-aged chick flouncing in a super cute aqua stripey tank dress – that’s me, and that’s the dress I got at Hazel.

  • Kate R.

Had a lovely experience while exploring their recent markdown sale. The woman who helped me was so sweet and had great suggestions on apparel.I walked out with a cute polka dot shirt, and I’m so pleased! Yay, Hazel!

  • Matty Z.

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