Chicago what is cooking? Seemingly everything! From hair to honey. Chicago has you covered. Here are three homegrown and completely natural brand to get in tune with.

Dr. Herbals Hair Care

If moisture and hair growth is what you need then this is it! I found this brand at the Black women’s expo about a week or two ago.  I am in utter shock about the hydration that this product line provides. A Chicago native, ‘Dr.’ Sharon has derived this very organic formula that provides moisture and hair strengthening ingredients. Containing 92 minerals that are representative of those found in both nature and in the human body. These products really cater to your hair as they target your personal deficiency and nurture them back into good health. At the moment I am living for the Juicy Hair Spray. It is so moisturizing you almost don’t have to use a leave-in conditioner (not recommended). It gives your hair a great shine and makes it incredibly manageable. Plus it smells amazing! If you are interested in trying this product be sure to check out Dr. Herbals Hair Care.

Sweet Beginnings – Bee Love

Where community and great products meet Sweet Beginnings LLC is the result. Sweet Beginnings LLC is the creators of the product line known as Bee Love.  A community raised brand coming from the North Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago. If you didn’t know the North Lawndale neighborhood is home to one of the largest natural bee farms. Which allows for homegrown natural products to be raised right in the heart of North Lawndale. While the products do not only taste amazing, they are perfect for all your beauty needs. From raw honey to shower gel and body scrubs, its all natural and derived from raw, natural Chicago honey. Another beautiful thing about this brand is that it has direct community give back opportunities. Sweet Beginnings LLC products are produced by ‘ men and women returning from incarceration’. Affording them the opportunity to “develop a stable work history, learn marketable skills and gain the confidence they need to re-enter the workforce”. Bee sure to check out their community initiative as well as their products!

“Our products transform you, your purchase transforms lives”.

Yail’s Garden

Who doesn’t like a good body butter? Especially one that tends to your energy with therapeutic fragrances. Yail’s Garden is just the body butter for you. Now, when I say body butter i should be saying body oil because of how effortlessly it melts into your skin. Did i mention the fragrances? Happiness, Strength, Joy, and blossoms will have you singing high praises and a happier tune after a litter rub of the hands. Be sure to check out this natural body brand and let me know what you think!