When adultery, murder, and conflicting relationships are combined you can assume the aftermath to leave a trail emblazed by the actions of everyone involved.  The Games People Play the newest series on BET, starring Lauren Londen, Parker Mckenna Posey, and Saurnas Jackson is just that flame-throwing story of love and turmoil.

Under a new basketball contract, Marcus and Vanessa seem to embrace LA as a means for a fresh start with Marcus’ career and for their marriage. Seeming to run from Marus’ number of infidelities this new start is being held hostage under the weight of his lies and Vanessa’s looming suspicion she rightfully has. Although being surrounded by new scenery and fresh promises don’t make Marcus and less impressionable or accessible. Stepping into his own trap of yet another pretty face, Layla James seems to catch the perfect prey.

Spending her days as a struggling actress, Laila finds herself being turned away due to her lack of popularity. With only her looks to turn to, she finds using them as a way out of the shadows. Beauty and Athletes is the perfect combination of finding her way out.  Laila is more than happy to trap any unsuspecting man to grow her public following through public scandal. Although she may have laid a trap that leaves her as the unsuspecting prey. Coming face to face with a scorned lover and wife, will she be able to escape alive and intact?  

Living in an age of social media, groupies and gossip Vanessa leans on friend Nia for comfort and a listening ear. But what happens when that ear that turns megaphone? Nia, one of NYC top gossip bloggers breaks a story that lands her with the newest Editor position in L.A. Yet conflict arises when breaking the latest cheating scandal is that of her beloved friend Vanessa. What will she say? What can she say?   Be sure to check out The Games People Play series premiere on Tuesday, April 23rd  10/9central on BET. Can you play the game?