“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.”

– James Baldwin

Being Mary Jane . . .  not quite the hopeless romantic yet still the career-focused woman looking for love in all the wrong places. From very married love interest (Omari Hardwick) to the unlikely love of Jason Talbot ( Michael Ealy). Mary Jane (Gabrielle Union) seems to have finally entered a season of reaping the benefits of what she has sewn.  Finally, being at peace with both her career and finding love. Love of a child and possibly a new man.

In the sneak peek presentation by BETxHer of the series finale, it alludes to Mary Jane finally getting it all. But how quickly does that seem to change? Picking up at the seasons end with Jason on bended knee waiting to hear MJ’s acceptance to his marriage proposal. We were left in the black stare of shock and nervous excitement on MJ’s face. What should be expected to be the greatest end to the unfolding anthology of mismatched lovers of MJ’s love life is cast with uneasy optimism. If you remember, Jason’s proposal comes after an unhopeful “24” hour break up and implantation of one of her two embryos.

Shock, excitement, and what seems to be a bit of paralysis has taken over MJ. She is clearly having an “oh shit” moment. Although having a questionable pregnancy in the works, and finally finding the love she has long awaited, what is MJ to do? In pure Mary Jane fashion, she accepts Jason’s proposal. Seeming to look for the silver lining in her untold dilemma, she is hopeful that the embryo doesn’t implant. Trying everything in her power to encourage her body to not retain the baby. Yet, to no avail, she is pregnant and has to tell Jason. Although, losing Jason is scary. Not having a child for MJ is heartbreaking. They make their choices and as always MJ carries on. . .

As the teaser unfolds no one would have guessed another love interest could possibly be underway. Selfishly, we want Jason and MJ to reunite again. Gives us the love story we have been tirelessly waiting for. But is Jason the end to Mary Jane’s search of love? Love is coming over the horizon, but who is this masked lover? We have followed Mary Jane’s life through love, disappointment, and pure stupid entitlement. Through these phases, it seems we are seeing the beginning stages of a ‘lesson learned’ Mary Jane. One that understands her pitfalls as well as what makes her unique enough to be Mary Jane. Be sure to check out the two-hour series finale on Tuesday, April 23rd  8/7central on BET. Will Mary Jane find perfect love to end her story or will she get in her own way?