“ Not everything you go through is for you. You just may be the vessel to lead someone else to heal.”

Dealing with a number of trials and tribulations that come with life can be off-putting and discouraging. Especially when the obstacles at hand seem too grand or out of reach. Personally having experienced a number of traumatic events, reached a point of exhaustion that i didn’t think I would survive. Being both emotionally and mentally drained from familial loss, educational stress, and social pressure to succeed. I was breaking under the weight of it all.

After having an all-out braindump on my mentor about my lack of motivations to continue to study science that was in direct conflict with my passion to write. She looked at me and said, “Why are you harboring everything that has happened to you? Your passion to write is rooted in the purpose of sharing and leading others. If you, having experienced all that you have, have the knowledge to progress and heal. Why do you think that experience was only for you? Your experiences are the very thing that could help stop someone else’s boat from sinking. You have the key to heal others, use it.”

Why hold on to something that a) isn’t doing you any good? Or b) could be the very thing that could help or shape some else’s journey through life?

As writers, we convey experiences to share for comedic relief, healing and release of the things we have personally experienced. We share to vent to heal and to learn from our own experiences. Personally, writing allows me to be vulnerable in ways that I couldn’t imagine speaking or acting physically. It’s that window to the soul, that many may or may not ever see. Although the vulnerability of my writing is the very reason I am so reluctant to share. Growth for myself and others is the goal. My purpose of sharing is to encourage, growth and healing in others. If that is all that I do I would be content.

In reality, the notion that ‘everything you go through isn’t always for you’ rang two every since that day. Something we have to experience to be able to lead and navigate other and even greater issues. It also helps combat internalizing every issue experienced. The rationale of all parties and actions is brought into questions and can be handled with more care and less dramatic. Not going to lie, taking on this understanding of experience helped me grow in the way I communicate and in the way I resolve my issues with others.

It’s really the small things that make the biggest impact.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin