Reclaiming the day from love stuck couples to the most important group of all, girlfriends! We are talking about the love of friendship. Cornelia McNamara has taken her love of design and passion for a true friendship to create the perfect Galantine’s workshop.

Cornelia, a luxury florist and event designer based in Chicago, has created a girlfriend friendly event that appeals to the care and considerations we all want within our relationships. Creating a floral arrangement class that triggers all the senses and exposes the varying groups of women to a new way of experiencing flowers as both design and a source of peace within their home life.

Her purpose behind the Galentine’s workshops was to encourage the love of friendship throughout this year’s Valentine’s Day celebrations. A noble task that was encouraged by a study on stress with women having girlfriends.  

Unlike any event before Cornelia has opened her studio to give a ‘behind the genius’ look at her process and design techniques. The two and half hour workshop consisted of the creation of two planter designs, one brimming with green foliage and bold pink roses and the other a soft centerpiece that takes a play on pastels with dusted lavender roses and baby’s breath. Through the creation of both planters, Cornelia dropped many gems along the way while encouraging an overflow of creativity from each of the participants. She also provided some constructive criticism to those that we’re finding the process to be somewhat tedious. Her love of flowers and people rang through the event providing for a peaceful and calming vibe. Allowing participants to adapt to her world of flowers effortlessly.

As the event unfolded Cornelia took the participants on a floral design experience that required a bit of finesse. To the untrained eye, one doesn’t see the art that is put into making beautiful arrangements. She walked through each step of her process to teach each participant the best ways to get the best results when making planter flower arrangements. The room quickly became aware of the need to be agile when looking to manipulate flowers and in the placement of them. After a few broken stems and fallen bulbs, a sense of concentration fell upon the room. Each Gal and her pal engulfed by the design at had while following the themes playlist for the day. Soon they had fallen into a groove taking on the newest hurdle of finding ease in arranging by color followed by symmetry.

Symmetry, although pleasant on the eyes was quickly disputed by Cornelia. She encouraged differences and disruption among the floral arrangements as it added lines and edges that wouldn’t normally be seen. This token of advice opened the group up to more possibilities within their design. Allowing them to be more fluid and open to becoming an arrangement rather than just being a vase with flowers.

Cornelia’s take the importance of girlfriends and flowers was a nice alternative to Valentine’s day festivities as it glorified floral design and the love of friendship. For some, it’s not commonplace to think of love and value of friendship during a lovers’ holiday. It is clear that Cornelia Galentine’s Day workshop was a healthy reminder to those in attendance, that girl and flower power is everything.