Chicago is dead center of this chaotic season we call winter. My hair, having a mind and attitude of its own is not messing with my winter weather hair care routine. Now two things are definitely happening 1) my hair is breaking with uncontrollable shedding, 2) my hair is beyond dry. Usually, around this time of the year, I would have implemented a moisture-rich co-wash routine to stray away from stripping my hair of all its natural oils. Although as of lately, i have been using a ton of products that leave residue on my scalp. Resulting in constantly using shampoo.

Recently, I have been on a such for really moisturizing products as my normal go-to’s are no longer making the cut. That’s when i stumbled back into Michelle Organics Pomegranate and Honey line. Previously trying the White Peony Leave-in Conditioner, i really wasn’t a fan or at least my hair wasn’t. But being jaded by a holiday sale anything is worth a second chance.

It was probably one of my best decisions, I absolutely love each of the products within the Pomegranate and Honey Line. First things first, the packaging is so amazing and the product smells like you stepped into paradise. I for one don’t usually like products that have a bold scent but the Pomegranate and Honey line smells amazing. When i ordered the line I ordered the moisturizing detangling conditioner, the leave in conditioner, and and the curl smoothie. As a trio, these products melt into the hair leaving the hair feeling soft and moisturized.

Steering away from shampoo, I used the detangling conditioner for my co-wash. It left my hair feeling super hydrated and manageable. Following the co-wash i proceeded to trim my hair to get rid or seemingly split ends and someone strand knots. I then began to prep my hair with the LOC method using the (Lotion) leaving in conditioner,  (Oil) melted shea butter, and (Creme) the curl smoothie. My hair felt very light yet moisturized during the product application. All fo the products including my shea butter seemed to blend flawlessly without any issues.
My take away from the Pomegranate and Honey line by Mielle Organics is that it does wonders for us coily curly girls with 4a, 4b hair types. It smells amazing and takes the hassle out of proper product pairing when using them in tandem to other products, such as sealing oils. I love the way it smells as well as the packaging. This product line is definitely a 10 out of 10! I can’t wait to try the other lines Mielle Organics has available, and you should too!