Winter has finally hit Chicago and I am in no way pleased by this and neither is my hair. Winter time Chi is always harsh and brittle. From extreme wind, frigid temperatures, and large amounts of snow the only break i will be getting this season will be coming from my hair if not prevented. My hair is so dependant on a moisture-rich regimen that it is impossible to not stock up on my hair care faves.

Luckily, in the spirit of buying this Cyber Monday, I bought two of Thank God It’s Natural ’s newest products. Specifically the Miracle REPAIRx Deep Conditioning Masque and the Rose Water Curl Refresher. Walking through my regular wash day routine, I began with TGIN’s sulfate free shampoo to remove all the product build up from the previous week. The sulfate free shampoo is super light and thin feeling. When i first started using it over the summer i thought it wasn’t going to live up tot he job, but it gets your scalp squeaking clean without the dry feeling. So, of course, i am here for it!

I didn’t follow up with the matching replenishing conditioner because I wanted to see the full effects of the REPAIRx Conditioning Masque on its own. Just like the shampoo its light and feels thin upon application. So I, of course, spared no product until my head was completely saturated, and followed through by detangling my hair to ensure every strand is coated.

Now the directions elude to the product being used in two different ways. Either with covered heat for 10 – 15 minutes or without heat for 30 minutes to an hour. Being a bit lazy I opted for the heartless option and let it sit for an hour. After rinsing my hair didn’t feel all that moisturized, soft but not moisturized.

I followed up with the LOC method, for me I prefer to use a leave-in conditioner, Shea butter, and a curl butter. Opting for a twist out, I let the style dry. I untwisted the next day and my hair was very fluffy and poppin’.

Around day 3, my hair was feeling dry so I decided to go for a puff. I needed a pick me up so I used the Rose Water Refresher. At first glance, the product is sticky and smells like a mix of roses and shampoo. After using it my hair did feel more moisturized and had a lot more shine.

My overall rating for the REPAIRx is a 3 out of 5, and the Rose Water Curl Refresher a 4 out of 5. I believe that both products are worth the buy. I just feel that they won’t benefit my hair because my hair is really being affected by the elements at the moment. Dealing with the excessive dryness and slight breakage will require a new hair regimen and finding the best products to deal with it,  is the newest task. Of course, I will continue to use them as they are great for a pick me up hair care routine.