I love testing new products especially from a brand I would potentially buy from. So this week I received Deva Curl?s newest product, the Super Stretch Curl Elongator. Now I was skeptical about trying this product because they had previously sent me the Decadence line leave-in conditioner of which I believe is an acquired taste as it pertains to leave in conditioners. It?s wasn?t as moisturized as I would have liked it to be. ?

So Sunday is my scheduled wash day I decided to give it a try. I co-washed with my Tresemme?botanical conditioner and followed up with a light leave-in spray. I didn?t add any oils or creams to my hair. I just dove deep into the Curl elongator?to see if it held its weight.

First things first it smells amazing, yet reminds me of the Cantu Leave-in conditioner. It?s a medium weight cream, which I was skeptical about because that could be a hit or miss when it comes to moisture. Now on first application to wet hair, it had an amazing slip. It felt moisturizer and didn?t seem to just sit on the hair. I followed applying by coming through with my Denman brush and it seemed to have a gel-like effect. I got that so gel retraction but once it finally coiled on its on it?s stayed in place. Now, I have 4a/4b hair and with extreme shrinkage. So I was really skeptical about it.

I finished my hair and of course, it still being wet was still hanging long. Being impatient I diffused my hair . . . Now it?s was fully dry and still giving me some hang time! It was moisturized and soft. But it being late I went to be with a bonnet on. Thinking okay first-minute finish was perfect. But my scalp takes forever to dry. I woke up this morning as it?s was still long, with super defined curls.

Closing thoughts, I definitely love this product and it makes me more motivated to do a wash-n-go more often. Wash -n -go’s are my go-to but with a product like this, my curls will definitely be defined and moisturized. I can’t wait to add the Curl Elongator to my go-to products.

Make sure you try it out for yourself, this product launches August 8th. Head over to Deva Curl?s site to get yours.


Coconut Oil for moisturizing and elongating curls

Castor Oil for restoring nourishment while sealing in shine

Shea Butter to condition hair for long-lasting softness

Aloe to hydrate and soothing hair and scalp for lightweight bouncy curls.