My name is not your sad excuse to pronounce each syllable

It’s not whatever stereotypical black name you can think of because ?black girl names? all sound the same.

So no I don’t understand what you are trying to say

No, you can’t call me by a shortened version of my name that you see fit

My name is not some anecdote or punch line in you joke because you lack an understanding of Culture and kingdom that isn’t ?United?. ?

Your issue with my name is one that should never occur because like you;

I don’t respond to other names that are not my own.

Your insinuation that Ashanti is less beautiful or powerful than Elizabeth is greatly mistaken. How quickly do you forget nearly 300 years?

A land that housed people with skin as rich as gold that gleamed like the sun,

yet you can’t see them.

But in those moments of your expression of inferiority, the unspoken truth is told.

Whats black cant is glorified and what’s really can’t be honored.

However on this day a name, understand,

My name is a glimpse into the history of a beautiful culture.

If im going to tell a real story, Im going to start with my name.? – Kendrick Lamar