Cheers to the best milestone yet, my undergraduate graduation! I am officially an Alumni of DePaul University. It is such an emotional and exciting time. I have stood tall against adversity, successfully surpassed all obstacles and it is more than gratifying to say that I am here now as proof that ambition faith and determination is all that one needs to succeed.

Unlike most, of my senior year contained more challenges and obstacles that many would have given up on causing them to walk away from the thing they wanted most. In my specific circumstance, the degree was my goal. I wanted to finish and believed more than anyone else that I could. So I did.

So here I stand in my moment looking forward to my next challenge. That being conquering Graduate school at the School of the Art Institute. So what better way to showcase my arrival than being surrounded by my next goal. You are now in the presence of a future Architect, how does it feel. Because on this end it feels untouchable.

Yes, beauty, fashion, and culture is my passion but my dream is to create space in different ways for different reasons. I’m a firm believer that space can influence emotions and direct elements of communication. For that reason alone I use my passion for design to service of my vision. This is just one of many next steps and I can’t wait to see where this one leads me.

In looking forward to my future I decided to make my graduation a statement within itself. So I decided to document this moment surrounded by my future and the vision I have for myself at Restoration Hardware. In my opinion, it?s an interior designers dream. So many floors of design inspiration and interior elements make this a design paradise and an awesome place to take graduation photos. ?Cheers to new goals and next steps! I’m ready, are you?