Relationships and experiences are both very personal accounts that can differ based on the perspective of the person telling their story. The course of infidelity, self-esteem, and growth is the usual playground for self-awareness and accountability when changes in one?s love life occur. In the book Dilemmas Of a Damsel: Part II written by Monique Elise, Blair’s experience is the acceptance of a cheating partner and her inner turmoil to with both herself and his actions. Only after riding an emotional rollercoaster for months.

Blair falling in love with her superhero within her last days of college has spent the last seven years with her love, Jayson. In celebrating her birthday and looking to embark on a new year and new experiences her world is shattered by three words, I am pregnant?. As reality sets in that her longtime love has not only cheated but has gotten another woman pregnant sends her back to a long-suppressed feeling of being abandoned, embarrassed, and alone. What had she done to deserve this, did she neglect him, was she not good enough? All questions that swirled endlessly around in her head. ?Does she leave all that she has ever known love to be to start over or does she stay and play stepmom and doormat to her longtime love?

That?s really selfish Jayson, I protest.

Jayson quickly shakes his head,  No it’s not. How does that look? We?re engaged, and you move to India.

I cross my arms,  I don’t know. How does it look being engaged while you have a baby on the way with another woman??

He sucks his teeth,  It’s not the same thing. No, it’s not even close, I murmur.

A classic story about the tug of war between the love of a partner and a love of self. Monique makes interesting take by addressing internal conflict and mental health as it pertains to women of color. Addressing previous issues of abandonment and a common issue of being too scared to start over by staying in unfit situations. This tale explores the very real journey that many may walk in trying to find themselves in the abyss of being lost in someone else. It depicts the dynamic relationships between partners, friends, and even self. Highlighting elements that we often time ignore when we, ourselves go through trials and tribulations of the heart. This story resonated with me because also of the time, as women, don’t know what to believe when it comes to the people we love and usually let the stamp of time hold us back in more ways than one. We usually think such issues are complex yet they are only as complicated as we make it. Drawing out drama and emotions because truthfully time doesn’t defend against a broken heart and lost trust.