Of course like any Rihanna release, the Fenty Beauty line has been beyond epic. I know a lot of products upon release have been overhyped and almost complementary to say they are borderline trash. More so in cases where the product line has nothing to stand on but the celebrity?s name attached. ?

Yet this could never be in conjunction with Rihanna and her Fenty lines. I am a stickler for beauty products especially when it comes to those I use on my face but Fenty has literally changed my whole perspective on what I should expect from beauty products.

Fenty has up’d the ?’anti? on the most basic product within the makeup industry – foundation. The Pro Filt?r foundation is so light and doesn’t leave a heavy and runaway residue. I personally like it because it blends perfectly with my skin complexion and doesn’t leave me with the dreaded mismatch face – neck combination. It looks flawlessly natural and doesn’t have a caked on feeling like most foundations.

Highlighters being the best part of a beat face has been taken to the next level but the question is have you had a Trophy Wife experience? I live for this product! It?s bold and is a head turner, yet when applied properly gives a sun-kissed luminescence that I haven’t received in another product. Now please understand that Trophy Wife isn’t a highlighter for everyone. Although it?s bomb, please check your undertones as it may look green or have a casting effect opposite of what you are looking for. I learned this quickly when trying out the other highlighters and my complexion did not agree with the tones in the highlighter, which was fine. You have to find what works best for your skin.

Speaking of luminescence, Body Lava is absolutely insane. Having purchased it on its release date this product is gorgeous. It takes suntans to the next level and if applied in the right areas will have you glowing all day. Now, many have suggested that this product gets on everything and is sticky. Yet, I found that applying a lightweight lotion before application and using a small amount keeps me from leaving behind a glittering trail everywhere I go. Plus it smells amazing!

Lastly, I can not forget the black girl staple lip gloss – Gloss Bomb. Now I could personally live without the typical lip gloss. I don’t like the idea of my lips feeling sticky and having all of my hair getting caught in a gloss web on my lip. Not ideal, but I like gloss bomb. It not overly sticky and it doesn’t leave my lips feeling cracked and starving for moisture. By living in Chicago I cannot afford to have a drying lip gloss or stick for that matter. Cold weather and trash products do not mix well.

I have to say I’m excited to see what else is in store for Fenty Beauty as well as trying the new products.

Product Rating: 5/5 – BOMB