Embarking on a change of time has always made me question myself and my period of existence at that time. Not to say I’m less than or even unsure of my way of life, but more so it’s to self-reflect on experiences, actions, and the achievement of personal goals. For me, self-reflection is one of the greatest tools to promote growth in the lives we lead. Whether it be in the personal, business or even physical relationships we are apart of. being that we are a source of energy in every aspect we have to aware of the experience of ourselves to understand the elements in which we need to grow.

Time can be very telling of effort and even complacency. It’s a truth that many refuse to see and address. My transition into another year of life has made me reflect on the elements of Year 21. With questions surrounding self-improvement, academic and business growth, and most importantly personal evolution. Oftentimes people can manage growth in life and with some success without doing the work to expand their personal relationship with themselves. Failing to question their mental, and emotional practices leaving them unaware and vulnerable to the problems that afflict them the most. Problems that have only one enemy, them.

Self-reflection is not a and shouldn?t be a negative process. It’s not to call out faults and flaws to say you are incompetent or incapable. But to take accountability for your actions and inaction to truly understand growth is a choice. A progressive choice that only you can make. So what will be your next one?

For me, year 22 is the playground of choice as 2018 is my year of accountability. This year I am choosing to embrace new experiences and push boundaries that have in the recent pass limited me. Saying yes to fear. Yes, because the first step of moving pass anything is accepting its presence in your life. I am embracing the unconventional, the roads less traveled. I have had a unique experience that has tested my limits and forced me past my ideas surrounding all elements of my life. The lessons learned in the weakest of moments within that experience has encased my spirit. providing me with a core understanding of an embodiment of peace and resilience. With that I say. . .? Hello 22, Let?s Begin!