Lately, it has become abundantly clear that the people surrounding me as well as the onlookers feel entitled to my space, time, energy and even my peace of mind. Whether it be my refusal to interact with specific people, my lack of interest in things that don’t involve me or even just my astonishing ability to just say ?NO?. Or the many variations of the word. People seem to be overcome with disbelief, to say the least. Completely in awe that I DON’T BELONG TO YOU!

I don’t belong to my mother, father, best friend or even significant other. I belong to me, always. I am not here to appease you, cater to your hurt feelings or even submit to a distasteful lifestyle because it is beneficial to you. You are not my responsibility and I refuse to become a prisoner to you. As you feel you need to collect me like another item in your pocket. For the life of me, I don’t understand how on earth the way in which I live my life somehow derails the moral compass and direction of others.

My actions and or inaction is not an attack on you. Or maybe it is? For whatever reason, you have decided that I am a tool for use in your master plan, to do what? ? To continue the negative spin of what is your life has rolled into. ?I can not! Not only is your life in shambles you think that I must your ride or die to end up in the same place as you. Nah, I’m jumping ship, immediately!

As for those that feel as though I unjustly removed them from my life. Please understand that this is a blessing for whatever reason I believed you were not beneficial to my progression in life, or spirituality. Now this may sound harsh but I could have been just as negative to you and for whatever reason stopping or stunting your growth into your next season in life.

Understand that not everyone sees your mission as theirs. Not everyone will be loyal to the plan and stay consistent too in their devotion of time, love and loyalty. But remember all of these things are not expectations of those you have relationships with. Although these are very beneficial characteristics to have from those we call friends they can also be very limiting when on the brink of new experiences and change. So go live your life to the best of your abilities and understand this is a word from a friend who wants us both to progress. ?The end and or pause of relationships are not always negative and distasteful lives have to be lived, just know no one can do that in a limiting environment.

?Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.? -Toni Morrison