A Combination of Spring and Summer weather has finally hit Chicago. Coming on the eve of Memorial Day weekend and amid the graduation wave. In realizing that I have less than 20 days from either event I have been looking everywhere for the perfect summer basics to add to my wardrobe.

After countless hours of bumping around from store to store, I decided to try the Gap. The Gap is usually never on my radar or even an option. Due to previous shopping experiences where they never had my size or I just wasn?t feeling the clothes. It didn?t reflect me or even my style. I was all ways pulling something from the rack that was shapeless and unflattering for my body type. Gap and curves seemed to coexist with like oil and water, in my opinion.

So many racks combed throughout the day, one more couldn?t hurt. So why not try the only store I?d hadn?t been to. Completely unamused with the idea or even optimistic I went in to see what I could see. And to my surprise not only were their basics exactly what I was looking for but everything was in my size. Which is surprising since I was looking for only shorts and sundresses which commonly aren’t in my size.

Following my shock, I fell into the Gap as I did once before. Of course, then I was a child with little expectation of what clothes. It was honestly refreshing to find perfect form-fitting wardrobe staples. Made of good quality and with tact. (I’m a stickler for quality fabric) I?m actually excited to go back and see how the jeans fit. It will be interesting to see, as you know every brand doesn?t makes jeans for everybody. Although, I love their newest styles as they are complementary to all sizes and shapes.