So as a fellow Influenster, I have just received probably one of my favorite type of products to test in my Influenster Box. That being hair care products. In my Influenster box for the month, I received the ?Devacurl Decadence line with their new added product, the Leave-In Decadence which is ultra moisturizing ?weightless? conditioner.

I was super excited to try this product line because I have heard great reviews. Although, I resisted for quite some time because ?I am often times timid in trying new products because I don’t want to throw off my hair?s PH balance and moisture levels. The health of my hair is the most important thing to me and I don’t want to revert the long-term growth of my hair.

So with this new opportunity and countless hours of reading and or watching reviews, I tried the Decadence line. I have to say it lives up to the hype. Although, I believe that this product would be great for wash & go?s; ?a style and technique I have yet to master. Yet, after months of wearing protective styles, I used this product line to flat twist my hair.

The products are very weightless and have a super shine to it. I usually don?t use weightless products or no-poo product because I don’t feel as though my hair is clean or feels clean once I have finished washing it. But I have to say this product does a great job at staying true to the needs that are being advertised on the label.

When trying the Leave-In Decadence, I was kind of thrown off because it almost absorbed immediately into my hair. I decided to re-apply because why was my hair not still wet with the product? It happened again as I continued to detangle and twist my hair. But I continued and I have to say the end result was WELL moisturized and bouncy.

I am here for this product line!

Product Rating: 5/5