Check-in: How is what you are doing currently benefiting you?

Are you being driven by your innate desire to achieve for you or for someone else? Are you living to succeed at someone else?s dream? At times, those closest to us can project their own desires, aspirations, and fears onto you in a way that causes you to resent change. Leading us to become apprehensive when welcoming the things that are meant for us. In moments of weakness, we look to them for opinions and encouragement, although if the bounds we are trying to jump seem to be a risk to them they will also ask us to head our steps even though we are stepping in the right direction.

In periods of uncertainty, we walk cautiously to our next destination. Questioning our path and ultimately the purpose of what we are looking to accomplish. We wander aimlessly until our eyes lock in on a target that harnesses our drive and passion which guides us down the road of purpose. The simple element of confidence is key to being sure of one’s own capabilities and staying empowered when continuing on on your path of fulfillment. Confidence although usually equated to self-worth actually manifests in different ways within our life. Whether it be within our expression of our identity or even in the way we seek and or engage in new experiences. Confidence is key to a healthy sense self-expression and engagement within the world that surround us.

Nevertheless, achieving a healthy form of confidence isn’t always obtained in a hot and ready fashion. Like any journey, there is a set time and key elements that must manifest themselves in our lives for us to receive fulfillment. This does not mean that we should be discouraged when we are completely submerged in implementing action to the vision we have had for so long. It is important to respect YOUR timing. Watching others achieve success and comparing their steps to yours is only setting you up for a setback. Know that your steps and path is truly your own, how you will achieve your greatest success will not be a replication of someone you know. Yes, great minds think alike but not every lesson is taught to everyone. Your unique nature is what will differentiate you from those who have succeeded to those what will continue to be successful based on the lessons and road you traveled to fulfilling your dreams.

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