Every way you have experienced me has been staged

From every statement, every expression, to the very way I touch you has been staged

You don’t know me not really

You have never experienced me emotionally

Never seen me cry or be a nag

Never seen me simply want to be up under you just because I feel weak at times.

You don’t know I love and live for intimacy

That I feel like I don’t know you because truly you don’t know me.

You don’t know that I love to bing watch cartoons and holiday rom-com movies.

That I love lilies specifically white and yellow lilies because they are rare and only grow at a specific time of the year.

You don’t know how I love when I truly am in love. You don’t know that I sacrifice my needs for yours just because it’s easier to deal with than mine. But the reality is is that you never ask, you never think or mention my needs or what’s important to me because that’s always second best to yours.