To be truly stifled and left unable to breathe. Continuously surrounded by suppressive and negative personas that constantly try to confine and define you as abnormal or even as the stereotypical black girl. You can?t be honest only rude, you can’t be dominant only aggressive, you can’t use colorful language just ghetto. Aggressive, rude, and ghetto; is that all they really see or is that the only thing that they choose to see? Or are you just offended by my honesty because I speak facts only and nothing more? ?Is it that I exude power when I speak, commanding the attention and silencing the voices of everyone in the room with only a couple of words? ?Or is it because I wear my truth and embrace the power that I exude all while giving testimony with an occasional damn, shit, or fuck you. Well, I’m not sorry to tell you that I am NOT sorry. You dismiss and reject my presence and continuously try to believe that your presence is better than mine and that simply isn?t the case. You try to stifle my every thought, action and even emotion because it consists of all of the tenacity and dauntlessness that you fail at trying to exude.