Time, they say it’s the healer of all wounds. Well, at least emotional scars anyway. For 3 years I was ‘taking it easy’ consuming my self with everything career focused. I ignored me and neglected my care. I blamed myself for what happened with no justification just like everyone else had. I had a negative ora, and I wasn’t growing past my broken-hearted mindset. That is until questioned ‘why don’t I deserve happiness’? I questioned why I thought I didn’t deserve it and why happiness was only equated to a love life. I took more interest in me and the moments and space in engage in. I shed the broken, battered and worn skin that no longer defined me. To reveal the vibrant, loving and strong person that was growing beneath. I took back my happiness and soon I easily let go and stumbled into you. They also say you get what you put out into the world. I am in a new domain and you are something completely new and different from my norm. You are excitement, curiosity, and strength unlike I’ve ever seen. You exude dominance that makes me want to be submissive because I’m willing to follow your lead. But at the same time, I am cautious, knowing that at any moment this could end and soon be a memory. But I’ll make you one promise for however long the time we share I will live in these moments and share the experience. I will step out of my comfort zone and let you show me why I don’t have to be in control. And last but not least I won’t regret any of my actions because I rather remember the moments I spent smelling the flowers with you than remember all the faults along the way.