Fashion, the world where conventional meets creative expression. Fashion encompasses emotion, attitude, and time; all of which makes many moments unforgettable. One young, up and coming designer understands the multifaceted language that is fashion and is using it to his advantage. ?

Otha CEO of Otha Atho, having spent years developing his creative style is now bringing his designs to life as he displays his artistry for his hometown to see and admire. After an eventful year and a slight break from the industry, Otha Atho is back and out to take over the Chicago fashion scene. With a push for self-expression and self-confidence, Otha Atho is looking to unlock the power in people, through fashion. ?On December 17th Otha Atho?s newest fashions hit the stage, a winter line consisting of solid yet eye-catching visuals from head to toe. The color scheme remaining within the realm of red, black and white proved to be beneficial to what was being advertised with this line. Incorporating elements of mesh, faux fur and various prints allowed the very elaborate designs to come to life. Each model had a very distinct place on the melanin spectrum as they showcased their unique outfits on the runway. Although beautiful, each model embodied a different look, some were giving off class, retro, edgy and even some afro punk vibes. ?Each outfit seemed to have its own definition and place within the line, while also being vastly different from any other piece.

Outside of the fashion, the venue and vibe were perfect for the release of Otha Atho?s comeback line. Although the crowd was intimate and the stage being dimly lit, it was just the right aesthetic needed to showcase each design on the runway.