Closing any door on what seems to be a comfortable or timely experience is never easy. ?It?s expected you have been living in that space for years, you know the when waves of stress and push back will hit to a ?T?. Although, that doesn’t mean that it is healthy nor is it continuing to be beneficial to you and your life?s progression. Yes, you made a commitment to the people and the opportunities that presented themselves to you in the past but that doesn’t mean that those are your only opportunities and or people that will. ?

Many times as people, we get involved in experiences that were beneficial for one specific reason. Whether it be a lesson or a blessing there is always an expiration date, because not everything evolves and can past the point of its purpose in your life. Like milk, people and ideal situations tend to spoil when it?s past its prime. During these times stress will usually ensue as you are most likely looking to try and understand the climate change. Its unfamiliar, and can be downright ugly. You are now experiencing the effect of being uncomfortable.

It makes you question your ability to sustain the same passion and endurance that lead you to this very point. It at times can feel as though you are being attacked. Why is this not working? Am I doing something wrong? Is this even working? Yes, it’s working but not in the way that you would expect. Sometimes it’s the lesson of strength that needs to be learned. Strength in the ability to walk away not because that?s your only option, but because there are better opportunities waiting for you to close that chapter to start a new.

The act of walking away isn’t giving up. It’s not the result of admitting to failure. Walking away is really the act of knowing that there is better to come for you and choosing those opportunities over the ones that have been present for so long. You have been in the eye of the storm for what seems to have been forever. ?Trying to figure out why everything and everyone seems to be attacking you, but truthfully it won’t make any sense or come with?reason.

In my most uncomfortable moments, I made my greatest leaps of faith, aiming high and exceeding expectation. Uncomfortably like anger can be the necessary push that you may need when indecisive about new relationships or experiences that seem sudden and hard to explain. However, you will never know the extent of the rise if you don’t jump because you are scared of the fall.